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What is a sponsorship?

When you decide to sponsor a child, your generous donation helps to provide school supplies, offset tuition, pay for transportation costs etc.  The monetary donation is naturally important to provide material items.  However, the most important benefit is the potential for an emotionally supportive relationship to be formed between the sponsor and their child.  We have seen first hand the impact a sponsor can have on the child they sponsor.  Knowing a person many miles away cares for them, is thinking of them and praying for can help them through difficult times.   

How much does it cost?

The suggested donation to sponsor a child is $35 per month/$420 annually.  Payments can be made monthly, quarterly or annually.  

Does my donation go directly to the child I sponsor?

Sponsorship money is pooled into a general fund.  The general fund helps to provide school supplies etc. for all the children in the program.  The money is not given directly to the child or their family.  It is a win-win situation.  You not only help your child but ALL the children in the program, including the ones who may not have a sponsor.

Can I communicate with my child?

Yes! The kids love to receive cards, letters and especially pictures from their sponsors.  The mail system is not terribly reliable there, however, we travel there at least once a year and also have family and friends who travel there a few times a year who can take letters with them. 

What if I can no longer sponsor a child?

We understand circumstances can change and you may not be able to continue your sponsorship.  Should this happen, simply send us an email and we will try to find another sponsor for the child.

I really want to sponsor a child but I am unable to afford it.

Don't let money stand in your way!  You can get creative!  Understandably, your heart may feel the desire to sponsor a child, but finances may not always permit.  The great news is there are a number of ways you can still be involved.  Sponsorships can be a part of a church, a Sunday School Class, a group of family members, or a group of friends who can pool their money making it much more affordable.  We have sponsors who, as a family, have opted out of buying Christmas gifts for each other, and instead sponsor a child giving the gift of an education.  Think outside the box! 

I have more questions.

Drop us an  email if you have any additional questions not answered here.

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